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Our dad always told us,
"If you're going to fly with the eagles, you have to get up with the chickens."

Katie took that to heart. Matt did not. Katie—the chick—gets up before dawn, while Matt—the owl—does his best work in the middle of the night (much like our mom, who really hits her stride at online Scrabble at midnight). As a result, we're pretty much working around the clock, for you.


When you hire Chick & Owl, you can bet on a few important things:


1. You're working with two highly creative people who work better with each other than anyone else, and it shows. You'll get consistent, exciting art work with impeccable copy (or one or the other, depending on your needs).


2. As professionals who take deadlines seriously, our work will always be on time and on point. But should you require changes, we'll work with you until you're happy.


3. We're nice. (No, we really are.) We take instruction well, are full of ideas, are fun to work with and we'll even tell you the odd childhood story, if you want (like about the time Matt convinced Katie to stick her tongue to a metal pole in the middle of winter). 


Take a look at our work, and drop us a line or give us a call. We'd love to hear from you!



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